Chris + Company


"The band was playing a funky rhythm while this guy was strumming a guitar. Next thing I knew, I was sweating, dancing and yelling 'shake that ass' for no good reason. The divorce is still pending."

Initial symptoms include: tapping of feet, head nod, abruptly finishing a drink, shoulder twitch and/or back swoop. If you just get off your ass and dance, symptoms will pass, but have been known to recur within a few minutes.

They take a Funk back-beat and introduce elements of Latin percussion, Acid-Jazz, and Blues into the mix. It creates a rich blend of sound that as Chris says, “Keeps ’em poppin’!” “If they’re not dancing, I wasn’t there that night.” Chris & Company presents a fresh flavor to the Albuquerque area that leaves you wanting more. Check them out! - Sirrhad, PCxC


Photographer: Ron DeLoche

Musicians: Johnny "Clyde" Copeland and Chris Rodriguez